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From the flashing lights of the runway to the elegant racks of clothes at your favorite department store; One day you'll see my name on the tags of all the trendiest clothes. From the historical capital of the Philippines, Cavite, I am Janxee Dinco with a passion for Fashion and I own the dream of becoming a Fashion Designer while traveling the 195 countries on Earth! I am what I am and the word ''Impossible'' is non-existent in my dictionary. Security is not the meaning of my Life. I try not to put restrictions upon myself; great opportunities are worth the risk. I don't follow where the path may lead. I go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. I don"t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking, I use it when I am creating them. I am frank, tactless, honest and real but often misinterpreted. I break up the mold and I speak up my mind. Certainly, I am identified with my extremely soft loud voice with my no-nonsense stories, facts, ideas and comments and most of all, my being unique! I play a melody that everybody knows and I perfectly go with the rhythm of time.... John-C Dinco. 19. Christian. Gay and Proud. Daydreamer. Traveler. Science, Freedom, Environment and Human Rights Advocate. Talented. Critic of all things Irrational. Aphrodite's Reincarnation. Proudly Philippine Made. Parochial Baby. Bucalanian. True-blooded Letranite. Environmentalist. Activist. Artist. Blogger. Ringer. Potterhead. Professional Bathroom Singer. Procrastinator. News Freak. Beauty Pageant Fanatic. Grammar Nazi. Noisy Minority. Opinionated Creature. Event Host. Culture Enthusiast. Nature Lover. Green Thumb. Animal-Friendly. History Geek. Film Fan. Horror and Mystery Stories Addict. Geography Buff. Theater Actor. Science Researcher. Music Admirer. Wishful Writer. Hopeful Journalist. Aspiring Fashion Designer. Frustrated Beauty Queen. Dancer Wannabe. Dissatisfied Singer. I love Jesus Christ! <3

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1:37 AM
April 11th, 2013
Let&#8217;s make memorizing these words our summer hobby. =)

Let’s make memorizing these words our summer hobby. =)

1:36 AM
April 11th, 2013
Respect can be learned at home, okay? Don&#8217;t get me wrong, I personally dislike Anne Curtis as an actress but I try my very best to respect her. Because just like you, I am sure Anne doesn&#8217;t want to be judged. =)

Respect can be learned at home, okay? Don’t get me wrong, I personally dislike Anne Curtis as an actress but I try my very best to respect her. Because just like you, I am sure Anne doesn’t want to be judged. =)

1:33 AM
April 11th, 2013
Are they asking for a creative resume? =)))

Are they asking for a creative resume? =)))

5:02 PM
April 1st, 2013

Thank you very much Maam Jhennie for giving me the Knight! I wasn’t actually expecting this! Nevertheless, it was a very memorable experience because it was the first trophy that I have ever received in my college life! I am not overreacting but it was so fun to go on stage not to deliver a presenter’s speech but to claim an award! More to come next year!  Arriba Letran! <3

2:42 PM
March 31st, 2013

Interracial Marriage: 1967
Same-sex Marriage: 2013

This is it, America! ♥

If this will pass, I can see a bright future for all the Filipino LGBTs in USA. Once again, MARRIAGE IS A RIGHT NOT A HETEROSEXUAL PRIVILEGE and it has never been between a PENIS and a VAGINA but MARRIAGE is BETWEEN LOVE and LOVE.

11:25 PM
March 29th, 2013

An Excerpt from “A Closer look at the Philippines: An Investigatory Report”

                Tourism has proven itself as a golden redeeming resource of a nation, and there is no reason it should not be pursued with some vigor, enthusiasm and a little positivity especially in the case of the Philippines.

                  Located just above the equator, the Philippine islands has a lot of characteristics that can make top tourist destinations on Earth fold: an attractive and varied environment, a hot tropical climate, sun-kissed white-sand clean coves and beaches chock-full with coral and marine ecosystem, breath-taking sceneries of mountains, hills and plateaus shielded with forest jam-packed with rare wildlife , thrilling adventure escapades in the cities, different culture in every province, captivating history from being a colony of Spain, America and Japan, vibrant festivities, lots and lots of island hopping and a population, for the most part, friendly towards foreign visitors.

             For the past decade, the Philippines had attracted almost 2 Million tourists per year, that’s quite a number right? But don’t celebrate yet, you might want to check how our neighboring countries do in terms of tourism.

          United Nations World Tourism Association names the Asia Pacific Region as a booming tiger in terms of international tourism. International tourist arrivals grew by 4.4% in 2011 to a total 980 million, up from 939 million in 2010.

             The Aquino administration seems to fully extend its support towards the tourism industry of the country, out of the 25 Heads of State and Governments who have joined the World’s Tourism Organization’s Tourism in the Global Agenda Program, six are from Asia-Pacific region: Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic of Korea and the Philippines.

          They say that Tourism is the seed of ecological destruction but not in the case of the world’s most visited countries on Earth, in an effort to diversify the economy and make theirs less dependent on exports the government has pushed to increase tourism in their country.

        France is the most visited country on Earth but why do people love Paris so much?

         According to TripAdvisor, most people who visit France for the first time concentrate on Paris which is the capital. The historical centre is remarkable, where there are amazing historical buildings, art galleries and museums that are full of magnificent things. It is an airy town with lovely gardens, and a river on which you can cruise. It has all sorts of entertainments, and restaurants that range from gourmet to simple good value quality food where can be found in the Philippines as well, at a lower aesthetic value of course but if that’s the only scenario, then the Philippines should come second to France but that’s not the circumstance.  Like all capitals, it has some very extensive suburbs, some of which are dingy and down at heel but not areas where tourists usually go.

         If you think Paris is very much far from the Philippines, geographically, aesthetically and in all aspects, you might want to consider Malaysia. Located just below our country, the islands of Malaysia attract no more than 25 Million tourists a year. As a result, tourism has become Malaysia’s third largest source of income from foreign exchange and accounted for 7% of Malaysia’s economy as of 2011. As of 2011, Malaysia ranks 9th among the top most visited countries in the world, after Germany. In 1999, Malaysia launched a worldwide marketing campaign called “Malaysia, Truly Asia” which was largely successful in bringing in over 7.4 million tourists which is still beyond 2.8 million than the expected tourists’ arrival of the Philippines for 2012. According to Articles Alley, Malaysia has some of the finest and alluring tourism attractions and sightseeing spots that engross the tourists and offer them wonderful opportunity to enjoy every moment with sheer pleasure and charm.  It has some of the romantic and tempting tourist places and no wonders all these incredible charm that make this tropical island destination a paradise for tourists, nature lovers and the holiday makers.  Malaysia is truly one of those wonders that every tourist in their lifetime would love to visit and experience the splendour to relish in for lifetime. It sounds more like the Philipines, right? So why is the Philippines attracting less tourists than Malaysia?

        We believe that for the Philippines to flourish in the world market, conjoint efforts from all the Filipinos in the Philippines and in abroad to collaborate in promoting the country, as what Sharon Cuneta said ‘’If we won’t support the Philippines, who’s going to?’

-John Christian Dinco


11:22 AM
February 20th, 2013


I wish neither of these things ever started because when it did, all my hopes went high.Though, I know what’s going to happen next, I still can’t grasp the reality for dream is way better than it. I wish I could tell you how much I admire you, but I am afraid to. At the very least, I am still hoping that we would be friends. Okay, this is crazy.

12:51 PM
February 17th, 2013

The Philippines is an independent country, or is it?

June 12 is one of the most significant dates in the Philippine Calendar. People visit historical places to see how amazing our past was. However, let me raise this question to you:  are we really free?

Last month, the superpower’s Reefsweeper USS UnGuardian (Minesweeper USS Guardian) ran aground the Tubbataha Reef, sweeping off the balanced ecosystem and apparently shredding off an overwhelming portion of our treasure much more valuable than Gold and 50-karats Diamond.  

You know what? I have always dreamed of seeing the world underwater, the world that Nemo was born and lost in. Too bad, millions of Nemos lost their tiny homes because of the selfish actions of this ill-advised minesweeper.

There is just this one thing that ticks me off; a minesweeper is usually arrayed in littoral (sea-shore) waters for mine-laying- that is as far as my science teacher told me way back high school. To find this vessel functioning in open waters far from the typical shipping paths is indeed a perfect enigma. Nobody knows, except the US Navy, if the Minesweeper is really in a military exercise or not hence it is impeccably sensible to ask why they chose a course that brought them directly into the Tubbataha Reef.

 I know this sounds crazy but I have a silly prediction: perhaps, the Americans were overawed by our natural beauty which was just discovered by the world in 1970s that they forgot their names and what they were driving so they unconsciously went out of the open sea to gaze at the renowned Tubbataha reef, or maybe a little diving?

Though conformity to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea is vital, it does not avert us from taking dynamic actions to safeguard our resources.  However, Uncle Sam is now putting up the blame on the stupid navigational data. Okay, their map might have been faulty because it was probably made in the Sleeping Giant but that’s not the major reason. All hail the Visiting Forces Agreement that allows US forces to stay anywhere in Philippine territory, at any time, at any means, at any cost!

Well, you know our president, just a little handshake and the problem is over, but that won’t stop the conservationist and ordinary citizens like me to pull out the trigger and bring the nonsensical one-sided VFA, which is obviously not in our favor,  to its terminal stage before the accident’s monetary value just turn into a public apology. The reckless minesweeper still sleeps in the center of the Sulu Sea and it is still unsure on when will it be extricated.  As days go by, I am pretty sure that the mine sweeper will cause more damage for the reason of its naughty child-like deed of shifting positions almost every day and night.

                So before, you celebrate the so-called Independence Day four months from now, think twice. Because your divine Americans never left. Gratitude goes to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave for spoiling and scarring our natural resources, for injuring our lives and most of all, for ravaging our dignity as a nation.  So Mister President, abolish the VFA now. Thank you!

 -JC Dinco

6:26 PM
January 13th, 2013

Respect is not a One-sided Relationship

18 years ago, I was baptized to become a Catholic and 8 years after, I was swayed by my grandmother and decided to change my denomination to become a born again Christian. The first years were very incredible, I learned how to read the Bible and become a better person through their teachings. I stayed with them until last year when I abandoned hatred. I used to hate everything that the denomination hates: the Catholic saints, the worshipping of Mary, the rosary, the Nazarene of Quiapo and all those non-biblical actions that they are doing. I am not saying that the Born Again Christians are the only denomination that performs that kind of hate because actually, almost all of Christian’s denominations including the Catholic have their own say against others.

Time has flown so fast and I could feel an eccentric feeling within me saying that there was something wrong with what I was doing then. How dare me to call myself a Christian! Christ never taught us to hate. Christians who criticize other religions or even other sects are hypocrites. God didn’t tell us to go and tell everyone how stupid their religion is compared to ours. He said to spread the Gospel, but to spread it by being loving and kind. Not even scaring people to death that if they won’t follow a certain denomination, they would go and burn to the fires of hell or worse saying that all the people sharing the same beliefs as theirs are the only population which are going to be saved.

I am a Christian, but I disgrace those people who share my faith in a barbaric way, simply for the reason that it wasn’t what the Bible tells us to do. I’m not really of a specific Christian denomination, I just try and follow what God says, I know I am sinner and I am not saying I am perfect for believing in my own philosophy. I’m very much disappointed in a lot of “Christians” these days, who really are in fact not Christians because of how hypocritical, judgmental, and rude they often are. God talked against that.

By all means, we are not asked to admire other religions BUT the Bible and Jesus made it very clear that we are to respect other PEOPLE. You may not agree with other religions and that’s a personal choice, you were given free will to make; but how you treat your fellow man is the most important aspect to consider every day.

I have nothing against those sects, the denomination was not the reason why I dropped it- It’s the people.

Show to them that your religion is right not by letting them swallow thorns but by letting them drink the most expensive wine. That is, I believe, what a real Christian is.

PS: I am saying that I respect them but that respect has its own limitations especially when it crossed the borders of my rights.

4:58 PM
January 4th, 2013
Don&#8217;t you dare call yourself a Christian if you don&#8217;t know what Christianity is all about.

Don’t you dare call yourself a Christian if you don’t know what Christianity is all about.

4:22 PM
January 4th, 2013
These politicians are disgustingly horrible. It is not even campaign period yet but you can already see their ugly faces everywhere - be it in posters with “Happy New Year” greetings, calendars, t-shirts, plastic bags- you name it!! I won&#8217;t vote for these morons, if they can play around with the law now, what more if they are already assumed into office?

These politicians are disgustingly horrible. It is not even campaign period yet but you can already see their ugly faces everywhere - be it in posters with “Happy New Year” greetings, calendars, t-shirts, plastic bags- you name it!! I won’t vote for these morons, if they can play around with the law now, what more if they are already assumed into office?

10:12 PM
January 2nd, 2013

7:17 PM
January 2nd, 2013

Perfect fit. Army-inspired outfit for Ayn’s 1st.

7:14 PM
January 2nd, 2013

This is quite late but nobody cares, then, so Happy new year to everyone! Happy 2013!

7:11 PM
January 2nd, 2013


I sense a little fright in my veins for I feel like Harry Potter being lead to his obliteration in the Forbidden Forest. For the moment, I am calculating the days left until the door to Mount Doom is already at the end of my fingertips, however, I am still wishing to obtain the dagger of time to somehow, put this misery and woe to a pause.